Jul 1, 2013

God First

Pillar Focus The Commandments "I am the Lord your God: you shall not have strange gods before me"

We honor the first commandment by placing God at the forefront of our lives. We try hard not to allow "other gods" to overcome us (i.e. money and wealth building, entertainment and food, pleasure, honor). We focus on building our whole lives around God vs. simply "finding room somewhere" for him. Prayer is an absolute priority in our day.

Here are some other ways we honor this first commandment:
  • We do not try to manipulate God or our lives with superstition (lucky rabbit's foot, avoiding black cats, not breaking mirrors, etc.)
  • We do not worship statues (something Catholics are often wrongly accused of doing). The statues are there to help us worship the true God, and to honor/venerate (not worship) the saints.
  • We don't worship "mother nature" or animals. 
  • We do not follow astrology or the like (a heavy addiction in our culture). 
  • We do not rest in agnosticism, but rather, always search for complete and absolute truth. 

Study the Catechism
part 3, section 2, chapters 1, article 1
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