Apr 15, 2013

Lord, Give Us the Bread of Life

Pillar Focus The Lord's Prayer: Give us this day our daily bread

In this fourth petition of the Lord's prayer, we are asking God to provide us with all our material and spiritual needs (in fact, the latter is more important). We do not take God "out of the equation" when trying to provide these for ourselves. Like children, we trust that our father in heaven, who made all the material and spiritual things to begin with, will also nourish us regularly with them. 

The ultimate "bread" that we desire in this petition is the Bread of Life, the Body of Christ, the "medicine of immortality," without which we have no life within us (2837). We desire the Eucharist.

If we trust that God will give us all that we need, there will be a lot less need to worry. Without worry, we refrain from getting too caught up in "serving mammon" (wealth/money), and are freed to search for the real treasure, which is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Scripture to Ponder
Matthew 6:24-34
Matthew 4:1-4

Study the Catechism
part 4, section 2, article 3
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