Apr 8, 2011

The Resurrection of the Body

Pillar Focus Apostles Creed: I believe in the resurrection of the body

One of the most challenging beliefs that we hold as Catholics is on the resurrection of the body. Most people who believe in God would agree that after one dies, his or her soul will continue to exist. If a worthy life was lived, that soul will go to heaven to live with God forever. This is also what Catholics believe. The disagreement may occur when we discuss what happens to the body, which the soul leaves behind. Won't it eventually corrupt, and become dry bones? Obviously, the answer in most cases is yes. However, according to Catholic belief, when Jesus makes his final return, the body will again rise and be reunited with the soul in a glorified state. Then, the body and soul of those whom Christ deems worthy will enter into heaven to live with God for all eternity. How this will occur is beyond our understanding, but this is what we believe as Catholics, and what we profess in the Apostles Creed.

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part 1, section 2, chapter 3, article 11
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