Jan 21, 2011

Come, Lord Jesus!

Pillar Focus The Lord's Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come

Before examining the second petition of the Lord's prayer, we must first reflect on the current state of our world. Although there is much beauty here, we still have war and other forms of violence, severe poverty, homelessness, children dying of starvation and malnutrition, hatred and intolerance, disintegrating families, disease, a loss of faith... When we pray "Thy Kingdom Come" we are primarily asking God to put a final end to all this suffering. We are asking for Christ to come again in glory, and bring with him the fullness of his kingdom which is eternal righteousness, peace, and joy. Holy Scripture ends with the very words, "Come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev 22:20).

When we pray "Thy Kingdom Come," we are also asking that God's kingdom continually increase among us. Christ already brought us the first fruits of this kingdom when he came 2000 years ago, but it has not yet been completed. His kingdom still co-exists with the current state of the world as described above. It will only reach its completed status (fullness) at the Second Coming. In the mean time, we still desire God's righteousness, peace, and justice. So in addition to asking for Christ's return in this petition, we are also asking that God's kingdom continue to be built among us.

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part 4, section 2, article 3
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